PACKAGE I @ $120

Wash & blowave, Eyebrow Threading & tinting & Basic OPI Manicure


Hair Straightening/ Curls with Irons, Eyebrow & Upper Lip Threading & Express Manicure



Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images

Body Polish[Exfoliation]    $80 (45min)

Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering whole body experience. A great treatment to enhance blood circulation - leaving your skin looking naturally healthy & glowing

Imagine the feeling of a soothing luxurious, Full Body Soft Peel Exfoliation containing micro grains and emollients in a deep cleansing base, to gently refine the skins appearance.  It helps soften the skin and restore natural glow leaving your skin looking clean & fresh - free from all that accumulated dead skin. Then lie back for the most delectable full body massage with a hydrating cream to maintain and prolong the ideal moisturisation &  improve suppleness

Tan safely...

Tan safely...

Self Tan Application   $90 (1 hr)

Want a safe & healthy tan, try our Self Tan Application. First the skin is thoroughly exfoliated using a mancine scrub. Thereafter Mancine tanning lotion is massaged into the body and a beautiful ‘walnut brown’ colouring within approximately 24 hours (skin types differ, colouring could take place quicker) is obtained. Simply great for all occasions.

We also advise you on methods of how to prolong your tan. We also recommend & retail products that enhance a tan.

Get energised...

Get energised...

Body Massage - $90(1hr)

This is a skilfully applied massage to detoxify, relax & refresh your muscles, relieve pain and calm your nervous system, promoting a revival of lost energy. The dim lit atmosphere & soothing music allows you to enjoy this treatment to the fullest.

½ hr Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage - $60

Indian Scalp Message - $36 (30min)


Your feet need attention first...

Your feet need attention first...

Deluxe Spa Pedicure - $60 (1 hr)

Foot Message - $36 (30min)

Remember feet take the entire weight of the body and in addition, we exert more pressure on them with our day-to-day work, walking, running, playing etc. It is essential to remove the dead skin under your feet to prevents formation of corns/ cracks and discomfort while walking.  A good foot massage that comes with a pedicure, stimulates blood circulation and leaves you relaxed as all vital nerves end at the feet.